Maryna Hrushetska

art advisor & curator

The Cosmopolite Project


The Cosmopolite Project is a creative strategy boutique that combines cultural research with strategic communications to help clients define new opportunities.   Founded in 2011 by Maryna Hrushetska, the Cosmopolite Project is rooted in the belief that popular culture is the best decoder of consumer values/desires and a pointer to the future. 

Our Niche

We help clients clarify their market position through human-centric insights, brand archetypes, and 21st century business smarts.  By synthesizing economic, cultural, and political forces that shape individuals, communities and markets, we offer a peek into the future.  From identifying macro trends to observing field metrics, we scout what is brewing on the front lines.  Our pragmatic reports deliver global insights that spark fresh thinking, and move ideas from concept to execution through magnetic storytelling.  

Working the intersection of art and commerce, The Cosmopolite Project approaches creativity globally by utilizing:

  •  right and left-brain thinking,
  • tradition and modernity,
  • experience and intuition, and
  •  taps into both the chaos of creativity and the harmony of organization.


  • Brand Story Development
  • Branded Environments
  • Creative Placemaking
  • Creative brainstorming/Ideation
  • Cultural Advisor for Film and Fashion 

If you are looking for a dynamic creative strategist to take your project to the next level,  drop us a note here to get a conversation started. 


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COVER IMAGE: Alexander Calder