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Maryna Hrushetska is a creative catalyst who works with clients to elevate their work through the magic of aesthetics + storytelling.

Maryna’s work is rooted in the belief that humans intuitively crave beauty and understand stories, not data or sales pitches. With a deep mastery of both aesthetics + storytelling, Maryna helps clients share the best of what they have to offer by focusing on the meaningful. Called the “Marie Kondo” of strategic branding, Maryna’s first task to help clients edit out the noise, the clutter and the overwhelm to get to the essence of their message. “Simplify to Magnify” is her guiding mantra. Once the essence of a space, project or message is articulated, the C R E A T I V E process opens up to flow and the magic starts.

A curator and former museum director with another life as an investment banker specializing in Emerging Markets, Maryna understands numbers and loves pictures.



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Djinn Webber, NYC
+1 212 555 1234


Agent d'Artiste
Renée Carrénard, Paris
+33 (0) 55 5555 0678


Nameless Rep
Gordon Fan, Hong Kong
+852 1234 5678



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