Design Styling

The Final Layer

While architects and interior designers create spaces that are functional, design stylists show them off with a final layer of storytelling.  My design styling is based on the belief that objects are the secret language of a home and thus, infuse a room with intimacy.  Mixing art, cultural artifacts, and all sorts of personal objects, I weave together the story of the home aesthetically and emotionally.  My primary goal is to create spaces with character and comfort without the fuss.

In contrast to design styling that subscribes to a signature look, my work reflects my interests in art, cultural history and humor.  I design a room scheme by writing a short story of the space.  I then anchor the room around a beautiful artwork, object or wallpaper.  This anchor acts as the main character of the room while building the narrative throughout with unexpected details from quirky ceramics to Danish chairs to bold fabrics. 


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COVER IMAGE: Candida Hofer

Background Image: Hoki Museum, Japan