A Curator's POV is her everything.

Stylish photograph from Malick Sibide's groundbreaking "Mali Twist" series. 

My curatorial POV is an extension of my insatiable CURIOSITY about the world I live in.   Nothing decodes the values of a society better than culture - especially pop culture.   Working at the intersection of cultural history, personal identity and geo-politics,  I CONNECT the dots.  I curate around both ART and IDEAS.   I am not interested  in rigid labels or hierarchies.  I am fascinated with the WHOLE human story. 

My themes are universal, subjects topical.  My curatorial approach is closer to investigative journalism than academic scholarship.  My goal is to enlighten and engage diverse audiences in conversations that just may shift the Earth's axis.

Curator = Narrator

In our "information age" where data has become a commodity, narration provides the meaning everyone is craving.  Curation is the art of CONTEXT, a way to create a frame for deeper understanding.   In a chaotic world, frames are essential to helping us establish what is important, and what should be compared with what.   Curators, or framers, are today's storytellers and guides.  We need more of them, and not only from traditional backgrounds.  

For me,  great art transcends time and place by offering a glimpse into our shared humanity through emotion.   My deep desire is to motivate audiences to move closer to ART as a way of understanding the world around them.   If that sounds like you,  drop me a note here.

Artists don’t make objects. Artists make mythologies.
— Anish Kapoor

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