A curator's POV is her everything.  Here is mine.

Working at the intersection of cultural history, geo-politics, contemporary art and media, I connect the dots. Drawing inspiration from global pop culture,  shifting cultural identities, the role of tradition in modern times and the impact of globalization, I curate around both art and ideas.  My themes are universal, subjects topical.  My curatorial approach is closer to investigative journalism than academic scholarship.  My goal is to enlighten and engage.

Curation is the art of context.   My projects reflect both my curiosity and expertise.   I start from an informed point of view while leaving room for magic to occur.   My deep desire is to motive audiences to move closer to art as a way of understanding the world around them.

I am committed to working with dynamic groups looking to set the world on fire through ENGAGEMENT with the arts.  If that sounds like you,  drop me a note here.


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Background Image: AMANDA CURRER