The WORLD as treasure hunt...

I found this lush photograph of a shop in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, taken circa 1870, while researching ancient markets at the Library of Congress.  This image enchants me every time I look at it.  I imagine myself walking through the shop, smelling incense, and hearing foreign languages as I search for new treasure.

The word that best captures my ethos of collecting art and cultural artifacts is DISCOVERY.   I simply cannot resist an opportunity to meander through galleries, museums, bazaars, artisan workshops or even the busy streets of cosmopolitan cities in search of beauty.   I am inspired by the search itself and delight in each discovery.   How do I know I found something magnificent?   Perhaps Anatole France said it best::

"In ART as in LOVE, instinct is enough". 

With wonder,


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COVER IMAGE: Bernar Venet at Le Chateau de Versailles

Background Image: Hoki Museum, Japan