Textile painting by Brent Wadden -courtesy of Mitchell-Innes and Nash

Textile painting by Brent Wadden -courtesy of Mitchell-Innes and Nash


The truth is that most encounters with art are fleeting.  It is the ones that move you that I am interested in.  No two art collections are the same, each reflect the personality and worldview of their owners.  

Collectors are 21st century art patrons who play an important role elevating and supporting artists who speak to them.  Matching artist with collector is what I do best.  

As an art advisor, I make it easier to create a collection that expresses your unique identity and interests.   With endless choices, comes the urgent need to create a frame of selection.  My job is to identify what is important to you, edit out the rest, and help navigate the art world with transparency and ease.

As a former museum director, curator and gallerist, I utilize my global relationships and knowledge to present clients with well-edited art choices.  I specialize in emerging and mid-career artists that have something interesting to say about the world we live in.  My own aesthetic is a Venn diagram of fine, folk and craft and my choices often reflect this.  

I believe the best art collections are passion led and investment informed.  My art advisory services reflect this philosophy.  


  • Developing a curatorial concept/collection vision
  • Artist research and studio visits
  • Art Fair visits and negotiations
  • Gallery negotiations
  • Design projects 
  • Installation and framing
  • Private sales
  • Collection documentation 

I work primarily on a referral basis and enjoy developing lasting relationships.  If you think I might be right fit for you, I would love to hear from you.  Contact me here. 


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COVER IMAGE: Candida Hofer

Background Image: Hoki Museum, Japan