Maryna Hrushetska

art advisor & curator

Art Advisory

"Camouflage" by Cherine Fahd 

"Camouflage" by Cherine Fahd 


Advisory Services 

Sophisticated art collectors make decisions that are passion led, and investment informed.  As an art advisor, I help clients achieve their collection goals by providing them with the research and expertise to make informed purchases.  I begin with determining the aesthetic tastes and interests of new collectors then presenting them with a curated selection of artworks,  while considering  budget, collection focus, and art market conditions. 

As a committed partner to my clients, I work side-by-side with them to navigate the art world with transparency, integrity and pleasure.  A 15 year veteran of the art world, I  utilize my relationships with global galleries and artists to provide clients with access to extraordinary emerging and mid-career artists from around the world.  

Sharing my deep and longstanding passion for culture while watching art  become a deeply meaningful part of  people's lives is my great joy.  

 Services include:

  • Developing a curatorial concept/collection vision
  • Artist research and studio visits
  • Art Fair visits and negotiations
  • Gallery negotiations
  • Design projects 
  • Installation and framing
  • Private sales
  • Collection documentation 



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