Maryna Hrushetska (aka @GlobalCurator) is an expert in two low-tech things — aesthetics + storytelling.


This makes her services in high demand because anyone who has tried to get attention or create something meaningful in our “modern economy” knows that beauty + stories S L O W down the brain. There are even brain scans to prove it, thanks to modern science! Yup, the antidote to our over stimulated, frazzled and tech-centered lives is a dose of cavewoman wisdom - pretty pictures, good stories and lots of sleep.

In a world overloaded with data points and endless choices, Maryna helps clients edit out the noise and unearth the meaningful. Whether elevating spaces with extraordinary art and objects or developing a story concept for a brand or project, Maryna brings beauty and emotion to life. No artificial intelligence or algorithms on offer here, just basic human brain wiring and heart’s desire. In other words, the powerful stuff.




With a colorful career that includes being a museum director, creative strategist, writer, investment banker and even a perfume sprayer, Maryna has mastered the elegant mix of ART + COMMERCE. Both represent endless possibilities. Both are rooted in cultural values. The magic happens at the intersection of the two.

Her relationships with global artists, creative thinkers and other cool folk play an integral role in shaping each project.  Working primarily through good ole fashioned “word of mouth”, if are reading this AND in search of a sophisticated eye or curious mind, drop her a note here. If you want more of a taste of Maryna’s EYE + VOICE, follow here on Instagram.

When not scouting the globe for beauty or researching cultural trends, Maryna can be found in her nest on a leafy street in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles.


“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye” - Dorothy Parker