Maryna Hrushetska

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Culture is the widening of the MIND and the SPIRIT - Jawaharlal Nehru


The former director of Los Angeles's Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM), Maryna continues her mission of championing human creativity, cultural history, and beauty as an art & cultural advisor. With a focus on promoting emerging talent from around the world, Maryna works with international collectors and interior designers  to create culturally informed, and well-edited, spaces with staying power.  

As the founder of The Cosmopolite Project, a boutique creative strategy firm that leverages cultural knowledge to chart new projects, Maryna utilizes her background in both Global Affairs and arts leadership to unleash the vast potential at the center of art + commerce.  

Known for her knack for spotting fresh talent, her knowledge of global art, and her sharp ability to edit until only the best remains, Maryna sees every project as an opportunity to tell a story.   Whether curating an art collection or developing a creative strategy for a project, Maryna helps clients filter out the noise and find focus in a sea of choices.  

With a colorful career that includes work in NYC, Kyiv, London, Dubai and Los Angeles, Maryna’s relationships with global artists, artisans and creative thinkers play an integral role in shaping each project.  A love of art and objects with an explicit narrative, a keen interest cultural history, and a deep appreciation for the handmade, guide her sophisticated layering of aesthetic elements.


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COVER IMAGE: HOKI Museum | Japan  & Bernar Venet sculpture at Versailles