Maryna Hrushetska

curator | art advisor

"I am going to make everything around me beautiful and that will be my life".  - Elsie de Wolfe


Known for her knack for spotting fresh talent, her knowledge of global art, and her sharp ability to edit until only the best remains, Maryna is a full-time aesthetic. She sees every project as an opportunity to tell a visual, intellectual and emotional story.   Whether curating an art collection, adding a final layer of magic to an interior, or setting a creative direction for a project, Maryna helps clients cut through the noise to find the meaningful. 

Her process reflects her background as a museum curator, and starts with developing a singular vision strong enough to bring a project to a memorable end.  Her goal is to create spaces with unique character, intelligence and humor.  

With a colorful career that includes work in NYC, Kyiv, London, Dubai and Los Angeles, Maryna’s relationships with global artists, designers, craftspeople and thinkers play an integral role in shaping each project.  A love of art and objects with an explicit narrative, a keen interest cultural history, and a deep appreciation for the handmade, guide her sophisticated layering of aesthetic elements.

Rooted in the belief that an encounter with beauty redeems and elevates us all, Maryna is on a mission to infuse the world with more Venusian flair.   Follow Maryna on Instagram @globalcurator to track her latest picks. 


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